Downloading SVG Designs / Digital Items

I have a SVGed Account

If you have a SVGed account, your digital downloads will be available anytime in “Your Account” which can be access in the main menu at anytime.

  1. Sign Into Your Account
  2. Click on  Download Orders  
  3. Click the file you would like to download under the Download heading.

Additionally your downloads are available immediately after checkout on the order success page or by clicking the purchased SVG Design or Digital Item in the email order confirmation sent to you after a successful purchase.

No Account or Guest Checkout

If you have checked out as a guest, your SVG Design / Digital Items will be available to download immediately after checkout on the order success page. Alternatively you can click the links to the SVG Design or Digital Item in the order confirmation email sent after a successful purchase.

Cannot find the Order Confirmation Email

The SVG Design / Digital Files order confirmation email is sent from, check your Spam / Junk email inbox first to see if it is there. Gmail users should check Social and Promotion Tabs. Alternatively you can add to your Whitelist or Safe Senders list.

SVG Designs and Digital Items Download Type

SVG Designs and Digital Items are available to download in ZIP format. If you are using Windows 10, zip files can be opened after downloading by simply double-clicking the and it will be automatically extracted for you. If find you are unable to open the ZIP file, you can free tools such as 7-zip or Win Zip for Windows and The Unarchiver for MacOSX.

I am still not able to download my SVG Design or Digital Items

When you click the link to download the SVG Design / Digital Files on or in the order confirmation email and nothing happens, some AdBlockers and Windows Security, Anti-Virus tools may block the file from downloading to your computer. If you see a notification from these tools, click “Allow” and try clicking the links again to download your file.

If you continue to have troubles downloading your SVG Design / Digital files, Contact Us so we can help.