Design Fonts for Cricut and Crafts.

Fonts can add a unique touch to your crafts or professional projects, such as T-shirt designs, logos, and cake toppers. Browse our design font collection or choose from various licenses, including Demo, Donationware, Free for Personal Use, Public Domain, GPL, OFL, and Shareware from the font providers below.

*Learn how each font license works.

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1001 Free Fonts

1001 Free Fonts is a resource of 65,000 + Free Fonts for Windows and Mac. Free fonts such as calligraphy, handwriting, script, serif and more which can be previewed in real time with your custom text prior to downloading and installing. 1001 Free Fonts updates daily from thousands of font designers world-wide.

1001 Free Fonts makes finding fonts easy with popular categories such as Old English Fonts, Rounded Fonts, Fantasy Fonts, USA Fonts, Brush Type Fonts, Animal Fonts, Fonts By Holiday and more.

Fonts: Demo, Free Fonts, Donationware, Public Domain, GPL, OFL, Shareware
Platforms: Windows, MacOSX, Linux

Google Fonts

Google Fonts has a resource of 1000+ Free Fonts released under SIL Open Font License 1.1 and Apache License 2.0, both licenses allow all fonts to be used commercially and non-commercially for crafts and physical products, print and digital media.

Additionally with Google Fonts, Icons are available for download in SVG and PNG format and are released under the same Apache License 2.0 making the icons usable in commercial and non-commercial projects.

Fonts: Apache 2.0, OFL 1.1
Platforms: Windows, MacOSX, Linux

Fontesk Fonts

Fontesk Fonts provides a curated font library of 6700+ best high quality free fonts to download free for commercial use and personal use. Majority of the fonts are released under GPL and Open Font License 1.1.

Free Fonts are sorted in an easy simple interface by category and tags making them quick and easy to preview or download. Sort by Free Fonts For Commercial Usage, Free for Personal Use or Open Font License.

Fonts: GPL, OFL 1.1, Free for Personal Use
Platforms: Windows, MacOSX, Linux

Urban Fonts

Urban Fonts showcases a collection of 30,000 + Free, Premium Fonts as well as free dingbats. All fonts and dingbats are organized by category in a simple easy to use interface with live preview feature to see what fonts look like with custom text before installing.

New Fonts have their own section and are updated weekly making it super easy to check what new fonts have been released recently.

Fonts: Demo, Free Fonts, Donationware, Public Domain, GPL, OFL, Shareware
Platforms: Windows, MacOSX, Linux

Font Space

Font Space boasts an incredible 100,000+ Free and Commercial Fonts to download sorted in a single easy to navigate user-interface. Also, find Unusual Fonts in their own category if you are looking for that something dare to be different font!

All fonts are categorized and can be previewed before downloading and installing with custom text. A nice feature is the Random Font tool if you cannot think of what font to use for your next project.

Fonts: Demo, Free Fonts, Donationware, Public Domain, GPL, OFL, Shareware
Platforms: Windows, MacOSX, Linux

Different Types of Font Licenses

Demo Fonts

When it comes to fonts, Demo fonts are often released as free trial versions. These fonts can be installed like any other font, and if you find that the font is perfect for your project, you are expected to purchase a license for personal or commercial use, according to the Demo Font license. Some Demo Fonts may also be released with incomplete character sets, or may include the word “Demo” in the glyph, rendering the font unusable except for testing purposes.

Donationware Fonts

Donationware Fonts are available for both personal and commercial projects, with a request to donate a sum of money to the font designer, usually of the user’s choice. The donation may be suggested to be given to a non-profit or charitable organization chosen by the designer. Some Donationware Fonts may indicate a minimum amount to be donated.

Free for Personal Use

Free for Personal Use Fonts are free to download and use for personal projects such as invitations, posters, and t-shirts that will not generate income. To use them commercially, a license may be required for purchase if available.

Public Domain, GPL, OFL Fonts

Public Domain Fonts have no copyright restrictions, allowing you to use, modify, distribute, sell, and use commercially without any limitations. However, GPL fonts may have certain restrictions when it comes to commercial use, distribution, and modifications. OFL fonts can also be used commercially, but with specific restrictions on font distribution and changes.

Shareware Fonts

Shareware fonts are essentially a combination of Demo and Donationware Fonts. Like Demo Fonts, you are free to try out the font before purchasing it. However, like Donationware Fonts, you must purchase a license to use the font in your personal or commercial projects. The difference between Shareware and Donationware Fonts is that with Shareware Fonts, the amount you pay for the license is typically set by the font designer or publisher, and there may be different license options available depending on your needs.

SVGed has a wide range of free fonts perfect for your next Cricut or crafting project. From unique script fonts to bold sans-serif styles, SVGed has a variety of fonts choose from. The fonts are categorized by license type, including free for personal use, Public Domain, GPL, OFL Fonts and more. Browse our Font Collection.