10 Essential Tools for Every New Cricut Crafter

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Thinking of Buying a Cricut Machine? 10 essential tools you will need:

Before we dive into the 10 essential tools every new Cricut crafter needs, let’s briefly discuss why investing in a Cricut machine is a worthwhile consideration for crafting enthusiasts. Cricut machines are versatile digital cutting tools that can bring a wide range of creative ideas to life. From personalized home decor and fashion designs to intricate paper crafts and custom gifts, the possibilities are virtually limitless. With the ability to cut various materials with precision, draw intricate designs, and even score paper for folding projects, Cricut machines offer an efficient way to transform ideas into tangible amazing creations for personal and business.

Cricut Maker® 3 smart cutting machine and 10 essential tools every new crafter needs.
Cricut Explore® 3

It is equally important to consider factors such as your budget, the type of projects you will want to create, and how often you will spend crafting before you purchase a Cricut machine. Cricut offers a variety of machine models, each with its own set of features and capabilities and price points. The Cricut Maker 3 and Cricut Explore 3 are two popular models that cater to different crafting needs. The Explore 3 is great for a wide range of projects, while the Cricut Maker 3 offers additional tools for cutting thicker materials like leather and fabric.

Crafting World Revolutionized By Cricut

The world of crafting has been revolutionized by the introduction of digital cutting machines like the Cricut. These devices empower both beginners and experienced crafters to create intricate designs and projects with precision and ease. However, the journey into the realm of Cricut crafting involves more than just acquiring the machine itself. To create a successful Cricut crafting journey, it’s important for newcomers to equip themselves with a set of essential tools that will enhance their creativity and streamline their projects. In this comprehensive guide, we will not only explore the top 10 essential tools that every newbie Cricut crafter needs but also provide valuable insights for those who are considering purchasing a new Cricut machine.

Once you’ve decided to bring a Cricut machine into your crafting life, the next step is to ensure you have the 10 essential tools that will enhance your crafting experience and allow you to make the most of your machine’s capabilities. Let’s explore these tools in detail:

10 Essential Tools for Every New Cricut Crafter

1 Cricut Cutting Machine:
The cornerstone of every Cricut crafter’s toolkit is the cutting machine itself. The machine’s ability to precisely cut various materials, from vinyl to card stock to fabric, forms the foundation of all Cricut projects. Newbies should choose a machine that suits their crafting needs and budget. The Cricut Explore 3 and Cricut Maker 3 are popular options with varying capabilities to cover almost every crafting project you can dream up.
Available Cricut Machines: Cricut Joy | Cricut Maker 3 | Cricut Explore 3 | Cricut Venture | *Compare Models

2 – Cutting Mats:
Cutting mats are essential accessories that hold materials in place during the cutting process. They come in different grip strengths, tailored to various materials. A StandardGrip mat is versatile, while LightGrip mats are perfect for delicate materials like paper, and StrongGrip mats are designed for heavy-duty materials like leather.
Available StandardGrip Mats: Cricut StandardGrip Mats

3 – Essential Tool Set:
Cricut’s Essential Tool Set includes a weeder, scraper, spatula, tweezers, and scissors. These tools aid in weeding vinyl, applying materials, lifting delicate cuts, and precise trimming. The set simplifies intricate projects and ensures professional-looking results.
Cricut Crafting Tools: Cricut Weeding Set | All Cricut Crafting Tools

4 – Variety of Materials:
Experimentation is key to Cricut crafting. Newbies should stock up on a range of materials such as adhesive vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, card stock, fabric, and specialty materials like foil and faux leather. This variety allows for diverse and imaginative projects.
Popular Places to Buy Cricut Materials: Cricut Online | Michaels | Amazon | Hobby Lobby

5 – Computer or Mobile Device:
Cricut machines are operated through design software, which can be accessed via a computer or a mobile device. Design Space, Cricut’s software, is user-friendly and connects to the machine for seamless project creation, customization, and cutting. Make sure your computer or mobile device is compatible with Cricut Design Space by checking the compatibility chart.
Cricut Design Space: System Requirements for Computers and Mobile Devices

6 – Cricut Quality Blades:
The cutting quality is heavily dependent on the condition of the blade. Newbies should keep spare blades on hand to ensure clean cuts. Fine-Point blades are suitable for most materials, while Deep-Point blades are ideal for thicker materials like chipboard. See All Cricut Blades & Tools

Your Guide To Cricut Blades | Cricut Maker, Explore and Joy

7 – Heat Press or Iron:
If the crafting focus includes heat transfer vinyl, a heat press or household iron is necessary to adhere the vinyl to fabrics. A heat press ensures even and consistent application, while an iron can be used temporarily. Choose from a wide range of Heat Press machines to accommodate large and small heat pressing projects.
Cricut Heat Press Machines:
Cricut Autopress | Cricut EasyPress 2, 12″ | Cricut EasyPress 2, 9″ | Cricut Easy Press 3, 12″ | Cricut EasyPress 3, 9″ | Cricut EasyPress Mini | Cricut Mug Press

8 – Transfer Tapes:
For projects involving vinyl decals or heat transfer vinyl, transfer tape is crucial for moving intricate designs from the cutting mat to the final surface. It allows for precise positioning and smooth application. Transfer tape comes in various size widths and rolls to accommodate a wide range of applications.
Cricut Transfer Tapes: Various Sizes & Roll Length

9 – Storage and Organization Solutions:
A well-organized workspace enhances efficiency. Storage solutions like bins, shelves, and organizers help keep materials, tools, and accessories easily accessible and prevent clutter. Additionally you can small where you plan on doing your crafting with your new Cricut machine then let your imagination create the perfect craft area.

10 – SVG Designs, Inspiration and Learning Resources:
Learning is an ongoing process in the world of Cricut crafting. Also, when first starting out utilize Free SVG Designs to get some practice before taking the plunge into buying Paid SVG Designs. Additionally, newbies should explore online tutorials, blogs, YouTube channels, and forums dedicated to Cricut crafting. These resources offer guidance, tips, and project inspiration to fuel creativity and skill development.
Popular Cricut Resources: Cricut – Official Facebook Group | Cricut r/cricut Reddit | Cricut Official YouTube

You are now set and ready to begin crafting with your new Cricut machine. Watch this short video Cricut Maker Introduction which covers all the basics of setting up and using your new Cricut machine, using Design Space and much much more! Happy Crafting!

Cricut Maker Introduction

10 Essential Tools for Every New Cricut Crafter Conclusion:

Entering the world of Cricut crafting is an exciting journey filled with endless creative possibilities. Equipping oneself with the essential tools discussed in this guide is essential to ensure a smooth and fulfilling crafting experience. From the cutting machine to quality blades, from cutting mats to a variety of materials, each tool plays a vital role in helping newbies bring their creative visions to life. With the right tools at their disposal, new Cricut crafters can confidently begin their crafting ventures, creating personalized and professional-quality projects that reflect their unique style and imagination! Happy Crafting!