Creative, Inspiring, Cute and Funny Crafting Quotes

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A true crafter, creator, one who inspires through the form of creativity has crafting quotes that fills their life and rings true to their heart. Here is a collection of 40 creative, inspiring, cute and funny crafting quotes that you can use for your creative process.

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40 Funny, Inspiring, Cute and Creative Graphic Designs & Text Crafting Quotes

It’s not going to Craft itself. – Crafting Quote
Craft like no one is watching. – Crafting Quote
All good things come to those who craft. – Crafting Quote
Working on my PHD in crafting (projects half done) – Craft Quote
I wish crafting therapy was covered by my health insurance. – Craft Quote

Our Favourite 30 Inspiring, Funny and Creative Text Crafting Quotes

  • Make time to be creative
  • Keep Calm and Craft On
  • Kill em with Craftiness
  • Talk Crafty to me
  • Netflix and Crafts
  • Queen of Crafting
  • Kind of Crafting
  • Been there, Crafted that
  • Eat, Sleep, Craft, Repeat
  • All I need is Crafts & Coffee
  • Crafting is a journey
  • Maker of Amazing Things
  • Craft your stress away
  • Always be Creative
  • Born to Craft
  • Life is short, buy Crafts
  • So many idea, so little time
  • I Craft, Get over it!
  • Crafting is the best medicine
  • Crafting, Cheaper than therapy
  • Crafting is a work of heart
  • They shall inherit Crafts
  • I only Craft in days that end in Y
  • When in doubt, add Glitter!
  • Craftiness is Happiness
  • Always be Creating
  • Let’s make stuff together!
  • Everyday is a good day to craft
  • Makers Gonna Make
  • Crafting in Progress

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Weekend Forecast: Crafting with a chance of chocolate! – Craft Quote
YES you do need more craft supplies. – Craft Quote
I craft so hard I sweat glitter. – Craft Quote
If you walked a mile in my shoes, you’d end up at the craft store. – Craft Quote
Life is a series of obstacles preventing me from crafting… – Craft Quote

Did you enjoy these cute, fun and inspiring crafting quotes as much as we do? We had fun making them and are happy to share these crafting quotes with you to use and inspire others as well!

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